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6 Steps To Envious Edges

Well if you’re here, i'm assuming you’re in the same boat as many of us textured hair queens..

Trying to mend our stubborn edges that have a mind of their own. 

And it seems like everyone & their mama has the magical product to solve all your problems, right?

But, today we really just wanna go back to the basics and share some simple tips you can do to get those envious edges. 

1. Protective Styles!

You’ve probably been told your whole life that protective styles are key and you need them to keep that hair strong. 

Well, partially. 

This might seem like a catch-22, but protective styles, while good for the rest of your strands, can be a little rough on your edges.

Limit your protective styling when you can to give your edges a chance to hang free without being pulled back. Also, make sure that any protective style isn’t installed too tightly.

2. Carefully Choose Accessories! 

If you’re going to wear a headband or hat or anything, make sure it’s satin, when possible. 

Other materials can easily tug on your edges, whereas satin is always the way to go because it will always be gentle on your edges. 

But honestly, the less of anything you can put on your growing babies, the better.

Let them be free!

3. Protect Those Babies!

If you aren’t already, you MUST wear some kind of bonnet at night while you sleep. 

Anyone that tells you about a “special” kind of pillowcase that will save you from wearing a bonnet… well let’s just say that ain’t it sis. 

AND, not to mention, if it ain't silk we DEFINITELY don’t want it. Literally any other kind of fabric will absorb the oils from your hair and leaves them dry as a bone. 

Do your nightly routine, moisturize those edges, and that scalp; put that silk bonnet on and while you’re at it you might as well invest in a silk pillowcase.

The more silk the better, you can never be too safe.

4. Don’t Touch!

I know, I know, it’s so hard. But, if you really want to give those babies a break and restore them...

You’ve got to leave those fragile edges alone! 

This can definitely be a hard habit to break.

But, you would be surprised how many people unknowingly lose or break their edges just but subconsciously touching or pulling at them throughout the day or when styling their hair. 

5. Take A Break From The Heat!

Since your edges are the most fragile hairs on your head, heat tools have the potential to completely fry them. 

If your edges are thinning, take a break from heat, and even if your edges are healthy, turn down the heat and use it less often.

6. Give Them Some TLC!

Besides the preventative measures, make sure that most of all you are showing those edges some love! 

Make sure to deep condition them regularly, like at least weekly, and massage your oils in nightly. 

When using Allurium Hair Growth Serum, you definitely want to apply it to your scalp and massage, but you can also definitely apply it to your edges and massage them too. 

All of the natural and organic ingredients of Allurium Hair Growth Serum are sure to make your scalp + edges as happy as can be!

Let's Get Growing!