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If you are struggling with alopecia, you likely feel like it consumes your mind on a daily basis. 

And we don’t blame you! Hair loss is frustrating and can sometimes feel like an uphill battle. We know because we ourselves felt that same pain - and it’s what led us to create Allurium Beauty!

So, let’s talk about what alopecia is. 

Alopecia areata occurs when the immune system attacks hair follicles. This may be brought on by severe stress, and the main symptom is hair loss.

Harvard Health notes that “Although there is no permanent cure for alopecia areata, there are ways that may short-circuit the body's autoimmune reaction in the scalp and encourage hair regrowth.” 

This is where we come in. Allurium beauty has almost 30 natural and organic ingredients, which we have determined to be the most effective supplements to counteract hair-loss from alopecia. 

Hair loss due to Alopecia is often a byproduct of chronic inflammation and dead hair follicles. This is why we use ingredients that are anti-inflammatory and ultra-hydrating. 

This helps stimulate hair follicles and give them the hydration and nutrients that alopecia has been suffocating them of!

So, you may be asking, what ingredients are in Allurium Beauty and how do they do all of that? 

Well, we have a full list on our FAQ page, but, for now I want to focus on a few top ingredients. 

  • Tea Tree Oil 

  • Tea tree oil is pretty underrated, if you ask me. The most powerful things tea tree oil can do is exfoliate and kill bacteria. These are HUGE! These two things alone can block hair follicles with dead, dry and flaky skin on your scalp. 

  • Rosemary Oil 

  • Another essential oil that just doesn’t seem to get enough credit in the hair growth community…. Rosemary oil! This stuff has been compared to the prescription drug minoxidil (used for balding.) But, what’s even better; is it’s just, if not more effective and is nowhere near as harsh as the leading drug. 

    A 2013 study of mice with testosterone-related hair loss found that rosemary oil could regrow their hair. Although the study is not conclusive, its authors theorize that rosemary oil might prevent DHT from binding to hormone receptors that enable it to attack the hair follicles.

  • Stinging Nettle

  • Last but definitely not least, stinging nettle! Now this one has probably been around since before your great, great grandmother - for real! And for good reason, it really works! Stinging nettle root contains generous amounts of essential vitamins and minerals with the highest concentration in its leaves. 

    A few of these include vitamins A, B and C. 

    Vitamin A is responsible for helping the glands in the scalp create sebum. This oil helps moisturize and keep your hair strands healthy. Vitamin B (a.k.a biotin) helps build keratin (protein) in the hair follicles which give your hair its structure. Vitamin C helps create collagen which is in charge of strengthening the skin and proteins in your hair. 

    So, hopefully this information makes you want to keep going in your hair growth journey, and not let alopecia get you down! 

    Allurium Beauty Hair Growth Serum has helped hundreds of women regain their confidence, will you be next? 

    Let's Get Growing!