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The Best Herbs For Hair Growth & Thickness

If you haven’t tried using herbs for hair growth & thickness, these may be what it takes to start increasing volume and regrowing your hairline after you’ve tried seemingly everything!

While it may sound too good to be true, like many of the claims you’ve heard tossed around before, there is actually evidence supporting the use of certain herbs as it pertains to regrowing hair.

But, which herbs are best? How do you actually consume them? How often, and in what dose? You no doubt have tons of questions about this topic, and we’re going to address them all today. Let’s start with the most important - do herbs actually have a place in your hair regrowth regimen?

Can Herbs Really Work For Hair Growth?

To answer the question of whether or not you should try herbs for hair growth, let’s first look at the three main root causes of this condition:

  • Inflammation preventing circulation to the scalp
  • Toxins in the bloodstream
  • Vitamin deficiencies

For most people, taking a really good multivitamin and dialing in their nutrition is a great start, and pretty easy to do. But this usually isn’t enough to solve hair loss on it’s own.

Most people who suffer with hair loss tend to have really inflamed scalps, which forces out the existing hair strands and prevents new ones from taking their place.

Simultaneously, these same people tend to have toxins in their bloodstream that are detrimental to hair health.

These can enter your bloodstream through all sorts of different ways - smoking, cosmetic products, your diet, and even the water you consume!

Clear Up Inflammation & Toxicity Through The Use Of Herbs!

Herbs are used in ancient medicine as far back as we can document. They are one of the most tried and true healing modalities we have, and the best part is they are completely natural.

We know certain herbs have healing powers like detoxification, while others have the power to act as an anti inflammatory.

With this in mind, it stands to reason you could use herbs for hair growth and thickness! All you need to do is find the right ones, which is where we come in.

What Are The Best Herbs For Hair Growth And Thickness?

Before we share our list of herbs, we want to mention that source matters! Try to buy organic, as these are less likely to contain the very same toxins you’re seeking to remove from your body in the first place.

We’re going to cover six of the most important herbs if you’re struggling with hair loss, but this is not a nonexhaustive list by any means. 

Peppermint Oil

The benefits of peppermint on your scalp health are two-fold - this soothing herb calms an angry scalp by moisturizing it.

The reason we are so high on peppermint oil though, is because it also stimulates the hair follicles. These two factors make it one of the top herbs of hair growth and thickness.


Ginseng is a unique herb that helps with circulation to the scalp. We already mentioned that one of the most common causes of hair loss is poor blood circulation caused by inflammation - and ginseng solves exactly that!

This herb can be consumed orally - preferably red korean ginseng. However, the taste isn’t great, so most people apply ginseng oil topically.

Ginkgo Biloba

A third herb worth adding to your regimen is ginkgo biloba. This helps with two aspects of hair loss by stimulating blood flow while simultaneously improving circulation to the scalp.

It penetrates the skin and gets to the root of the problem - the hair follicle itself. Like ginseng, it can be consumed orally (in a tea), or topically - whichever you prefer. Due to the taste, most prefer topically.


Rosemary not only helps increase hair regrowth and stop hair loss through increased circulation, it also can help with discoloration and premature graying!

Similar to peppermint, it also soothes a dry, irritated scalp and paves the way for clean, healthy hair growth.

This is another herb that should be applied topically if possible, or consumed in food - because it doesn’t mix well in powdered form.


While basil is common in skin care products, it is just as effective at enhancing hair follicle health.

It does this by increasing blood flow to the scalp - as you’re starting to see, this is one of the most important factors to increasing hair growth and thickness!

It does really well with scalp massages, as you can gently rub it in to increase the absorption rate. This also ensures it reaches the hair follicle.


Not only is it great for soothing a sunburn, Aloe (particularly Argon Aloe) can help clear up a dirty, damaged scalp. 

It will help soothe inflammation and remove dead, built up cells blocking the other ingredients in your topical from reaching the follicle. This build up can also prevent fresh hair follicles from poking through!

How To Actually Use These Herbs For Hair Growth & Thickness

The best way to get these herbs working their magic is by applying them topically - directly to the scalp.

Rather than buying up these herbs at your local store and trying to craft your own tincture, go with one that’s proven to help people like you stop hair fall altogether and start restoring life to your dead hair follicles.

The Allurium Hair Growth Serum contains all six of these essential herbs - but it's also formulated with over 30 other proven herbs and vitamins proven to help with hair growth! 

Simply wash your hair, dry it, and then apply the topical and massage it into your scalp for ideally 10-15 minutes. It just takes one full dropper to coat most people’s trouble areas, and after giving yourself a chance to adapt to it, you can try 2 droppers.

After following the regimen for a while, you’ll be amazed at the rate at which your hair regrows - just stay consistent!